Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to uncover memories of past lives or incarnations

We have all lived many lives but sometimes some of these memories can be brought forward in to our present life and affect us either physically, emotionally or effect the way we live our lives.

To access these memories you will be guided into a deeply relaxing hypnosis to uncover the root  cause and to discover the events that took place.  Accessing these memories allows the healing process to begin.

Past Life Regression has been known to benefit clients with many health problems such as phobias, anxiety, asthma, migraines and many more where the root cause is unknown.

For Example:

A client may suffer with asthma, when regressed they could find that in a past life they were killed in a gas chamber causing them to die a horrible death.  This memory is then brought forward and manifests as asthma in this life.  By undergoing past life regression therapy, and releasing this memory, the symptoms can improve or disappear.

A fear of water may be due to a past life where the client drowned

Relationship problems in this life may have stemmed back from a life where you were hurt emotionally and vowed never to be hurt again.

Some clients come along hoping they were famous in a past life only to be disappointed by being shown a mundane life but there is usually a lesson to be learned or something that needs to be healed and left behind, our subconscious shows us what we need to see not what we want to see.