Q. what happens in a session?

A. You will first be invited to a 1/2 hour free consultation either by phone or face to face.  This session is for us to have a chat, I can explain how hypnotherapy works and how it can benefit you and you can help me understanding what you need help with.  If you are happen to continue we can then book sessions after this. In the first session we complete a medical history record, I will then go through how the sessions will be structured, how you feel in the session and help you feel at ease.  The sessions may include hypnotherapy techniques such as inner child work, EDMR, NLP and EFT  but I will explain this at the time.

The amount of sessions depends on the individual and will be discussed at the time of the initial consultation.

Q. can anyone be hypnotised?

A. The majority of people can be hypnotised as long as they are willing to relax and follow the therapists suggestions.

Q. will i know what is going on?

A. Your mind may wander as you are talked into a deeply relaxing state but you will always know whats going on and always be in control.

Q. are there any side effects?

A. Hypnotherapy is safe you will notice benefits rather than side effects like more confidence, improved self esteem, feeling less stressed and more in control of your life.

Q. what about medication, can i continue to take it?

A. Yes, as with all therapies, hypnotherapy works in conjunction with conventional medicine and is not an alternative.  You should only reduce or stop taking medication if your doctor recommends it.