Child Hypnotherapy

Child Hypnotherapy can be used for bedwetting, separation anxiety, sleeping difficulties, behaviour problems, learning and exams, tics and habits and much more....

I am very privileged to be able to work with children.  Children are challenging but rewarding.  They have brilliant imaginations, which makes our hypnotherapy for children sessions interesting and fun.  I never cease to learn from my experiences when working with them.

Stage hypnotherapy has made many people cautious, thinking that the therapist takes control of your mind and makes you do things that you would never dream of doing like singing on stage in front of an audience but most children have not seen these television programs so they come in to the sessions with an open mind.

Fear of dogs

“Just to let you know we went to the park on Sunday and it was as it she was a different child.  She was so calm and relaxed. She had a few moments but her panic was different and calmer. “

How do I arrange sessions?

You can contact me by email or phone so that we can discuss some how your son or daughter are feeling and what your concerns are, it may be in the child’s interest to talk without them being present to start with so that when they do come they do not feel that they have done something wrong.  If you are happy we can then book a free consultation.

Free Initial Consultation

You and your child are invited to a free consultation – this is anything from 15 minutes to half an hour where we chat about how hypnotherapy can help, I get to know you son or daughter a little better by asking about their friends, interests and school to make them feel more at ease.  They are then asked if they would like to come back for a session, if they say no then it is unlikely that the therapy would work as they have to want to be helped.


Sessions with younger children are usually through story telling depending on their age, the sessions last 30 minutes and you as the parent or guardian get to sit and relax in the room while we are having the session.  Older children has a short relaxation and then are given positive suggestions to overcome their issue, children can sometimes also be given tools and techniques to take away that can help them in all areas of their life in the future, not just for the issue they have come for.