Hypnotherapy for Bedwetting

Whether a child is still wetting the bed or has been dry for a while and has now begun to wet the bed again hypnotherapy can help.

I offer a free consultation where you can come along with your child and we can all talk about the reasons why they are struggling to keep dry.

After checking with the doctors to make sure there aren’t any underlying issues I would first establish why your child is wetting the bed, may be they are in a deep sleep, scared there is a monster in their room or may be they are going through a stressful time


With relaxation and positive suggestions we work on training the mind to start noticing the sensations when they need the toilet and then waking up, going to the toilet then snuggling back down in bed and going back to sleep, I have had children as old as 16 coming for sessions, which can be quite soul destroying for them when they can’t go for sleepovers or nights away because they are worrying about wetting the bed. If you would like to know how Child hypnotherapy sessions work please click here